The art of special commissions and gift-giving are cherished traditions at ExtraordinAri Gems. Our private commission service is unlike any traditional retail jewelry store. We enable clients to realize the dream of owning unique, one of a kind pieces. Clients participate throughout the process, meeting with the designer, reviewing sketches, and enjoy the creative journey seeing their visions transform into reality. 

Our success determines our exclusivity, quality of services and a responsible approach to the work of our entire team of like-minded people who share our values. ExtraordinAri Gems is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and consummate craftsmanship. We have crafted a reputation for remarkable stones and services through our artful and seasoned selections of beautiful jewels and elegant designs.

 Each beautiful piece is exclusively crafted by ExtraordinAri Gems in-house team — from the acquisitions of the stones, to the envisioning of the exquisite designs, and finally the creation of finished jewellery — ensuring a personal and polished touch at every step.

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