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Americo Izzo

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ExtraordinAri Gems creative visions come to life under the skilled hands of Master Craftsman Americo Izzo. Previously known only to the most respected design houses in New York City, Americo creates by hand some of their most precious and impressive pieces.

The jewelry industry has been evolving rapidly over the last decade, embracing technology more and more specifically with e-commerce and computer aided design. The high jewelry houses flock to Americo Izzo because in his shop time has stopped. He still pulls all the wire for his prongs by hand, meticulously solders each individual setting, pre polishes in places the naked eye will never see and more.

The skill set Rico inherited remains pure to the practice and history of classically trained metal smiths of the world over. He is the man those who know him trust to build heirlooms for extraordinary stones such as 10, 20, 30 carat diamonds and very rare high-quality color.

Acknowledge the opportunity that for the first time, the coveted artistry of Americo Izzo is available to you. Experience true bespoke luxury, straight from one of New York’s best kept secrets.

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